Gabriel meets up with Syd, to ask for help

Syd-Feeling him before he even walked in, knowing he would be here for some reason and my guess was Skyler, she finally had text me back, but never mentioned Gabriel coming for a visit.
Picking up the phone, “Yeah Jackie when he asks for me, just send him in to the office.” placing the phone back on the cradle.
Pulling the drawer out, grabbing the file when I hear a knock at the door.
“Come in Gabriel” watching the door open, he was still as handsome as ever, to bad he was Sky’s dad. Standing up to greet him, holding out my hand and nodding as he takes mine. “What do I owe the pleasure?” he smiles.
“Does there need to be a reason Syd ?” he said, as he takes a seat.
sitting down behind the desk, smiling at him. “Let’s cut the bullshit Gabriel, the only time you come and see me, is when someone is in trouble, or Sky or at the time Lassiter needed help. So why don’t we just stop with all the niceties and get on with business?”

Gabriel- Smiling at Syd, “Well it is nice to see you also?” grinning at her, watching as she preens herself.

“So Gabriel can I assume this is not a visit of pleasure more of business?” she says as she watches me intently.

She always looked so well polished, for a black angel she was very beautiful, her protégé was the same but was not so well groomed, she did not have the tact and polish that Syd had. “No it is both Syd, Sky is struggling, as you can imagine. I was with her all night she is not fairing well at all. She has requested I take her life again, I am worried she is ticking time bomb, but I saw your text to her this morning and was wondering what she was getting you to look in to?”

She sat at the desk, just listening but, the wheels in her mind were going I knew that much.

Syd-Leaning forward, hearing the news of Sky did not surprised me, she had text me months ago, asking for some information of the people who hired her for the job that took her family in the explosion, it did not surprised me that she was going off the hinges either. She has had nothing but bad luck, but she was the one person, that I respected cause she could do real damage to my kind. Also she had always trusted and respected me, she and Lassiter.

“Gabriel, I don’t know what you are asking for her, Sky is the one that requested the information, not you and as for her coming unhinged does not surprised me one bit, she lost every one she loved in a matter of minutes. That is not something you just come back from, I am not sure what you expect me to do her? I know the poor angel was just trying to save his kid, hell we all felt the loss of the family.

Watching as Gabriel, stands up and wrings his hands together thinking something is off here, “Gabriel what have you fucking done now?” he stops and looks at me. “I found Aless alive Syd but she does not remember from what I can tell the last ten years, her memory was zapped, it is like a black hole, and Skyler doesn’t know, and I am worried if I tell Sky she is going to go and smother, Aless what should I do ?” looking at Gabriel dumbfounded.

Gabriel- Watching a range on emotions cross Syd’s face, she still just kept staring like I would grow horns or something.

She began to talk and stumbled.” Look Gabriel, you have to tell her if Aless is alive but, I have not felt her at all, I was always pulled could pick up on the energy of the family and nothing, hell I can barely feel Sky anymore. So are you even sure it is Aless not just some look alike?”

Pulling out my cell phone and going to the picture, sliding it on the desk to Syd, “You tell me that is not my grand daughter?” watching as she leaned over the phone, watching as she looks up at me and back to the phone, when I hear her let out a low whistle. “Gabriel, where is she and how can she be alive and Sky, can’t feel her?” she asks.

Taking my seat, leaning back ” That is what I am trying to figure out, also how is it she has been here the whole time, but what I need is for you to help me, Aless knows her parents are dead and her brother, even though sky is still very much alive, I’m running out of time Syd, Aless does not know who I am and worse she is totally oblivious to who she really is, Sky’s will to live is dying minute by minute, hell she begged me like a dog to kill her Syd, she has nothing to live for in her eye’s”
Syd- Listening to him, he was finding it hard not being able to do anything for her, hell we all felt that way Skyler went off, everyone’s grid it was not till few months ago, that I finally heard from her but to find out Ali was alive. “Shit” saying under my breath.

“You have to tell her Gabriel, if you don’t and she finds out you will no longer have a daughter and grand daughter cause in Sky’s state she will kill you, you daughter deserves to know her child is alive, yes she is a mess, she is hurting, scared and I can only imagine how she is feeling right now, but she has ever right to know about Aless. I will assist you anyway, I am able of course but I am not sure what I can do ?” as he leans forward in the chair, watching as his brows crease.

Gabriel -Taking a deep breath, as I try and figure out how to say this. ” I need you to shadow Skyler for me, when she comes back for her trip, I know she is getting ready and the anniversary is in three days, which means she will be back here, Ali is in Las Vegas. I am heading there after here to introduce myself again and figure out where her head space is, and if or what she can remember, but my worry is that sky is going to try something stupid, she is in the frame of mind.” taking a deep breath,

“Syd I have seen my daughter go through a lot in her life but I have never seen her like this, she is skin and bones, she barely eats and then she goes out and fights, and with out a care in the world like she is hoping she will get killed. I can’t watch it anymore she is lost soul” She needs us and right now that is all she has, so can you do that for me?” looking after her.

Syd- Nodding my head at the male, he was really at a loss. “Of course I can do that Gabriel and when are you going to tell her about Ali?” watching as he runs a head down his face.

” I hope to tell her soon, but first I have to speak with Ali and see what is up and how the hell she survived.” shaking his head.

“I will do my best to watch over Sky, Gabe but she is good at figuring us all out, and she can vanish off the radar in a matter of seconds, she has cut everyone off before they can get close and if we run in to demons, or any other fun buddies to fight then, I will step in but if I do and she see’s me you know she will leave.” he sits there quietly, he knew I was right, cause Sky had been doing it to him for almost two freaking years.

“Just do your best for me okay? I have to deal with Ali and who knows how that is going to go. I will touch base with you daily to keep each other in the loop, and when I can I will bring Ali.” he stands up and shakes my hand, “Thank you Syd, I know that Skyler respects you, maybe if someone is telling her what I have been telling her she will listen, so thanks again.” nodding my head at him and handing him back his cell phone, as he turns and walks out of the door.

Sitting back in my chair, wondering how the hell this was going to work tailing Sky was going to be a bitch, but she needed it now more then anything. Picking up my phone to make arrangements, looks like Caldwell was my destination.


Gabriel watching over his daughter

Opening my eyes, feeling the kink in my neck muscles looking around not full aware when my eyes go to the small body on the bed, she was a bloody mess, she hand cuts and bruises all over her forearms, she was so thin, Sky was her own worst enemy right now.
Standing up and moving around, looking out of the window this place was horrible, there was no safety measures, there was water stains down the walls and it smelled like death, and loss. It had been a long night Sky had been fighting nightmares all night images of what she saw the night of the explosion, to say it was bad is a understatement, she lost the connection to all of her family one by one, first Ramiel, then her daughter, and last was Lass.
By the time I got to them it was to late, I could not save any of them all I could do was hold back my daughter from running in to the fire herself. She fought me so hard, and that was the last time I held my child until last night, looking at her chest as it rose up and down, she didn’t even look relaxed in her sleep.

I remember walking back in to there house was hard, nothing had been touched it look eerie, clothes still scattered on the bedroom floor, shit kickers nicely lined up, the bed and sheets still looked like someone had left in a hurry, Ali’s room still looked prefect and bed made everything in its place.

Sky never attempted to go back there she just went off the radar, Ramiels room had computers everywhere , music posters and his clothes scattered around the room. In the

kitchen there was still empty cups on the counter and sink, Sky’s friend had come and grabbed the dog, but other then that everyone just agreed to leave the place in piece, till sky was ready no one knew if she ever would be.

I knew I had to tell sky about Ali, but I needed her mind in a better frame of mind and right now she was losing her will to live, to fight and to even care. Telling her about Ali would help but at what cost to Ali?

Walking in to the living room when, I see the recorder and the envelope adressed me, picking up the recorder and hitting rewind and then play, I hear Sky’s voice and she is talking about her family, my breath hitches when I hear the wobble of her voice, then I here fuck it and it stops.

I saw her bags in the corner, she was getting ready for her trip back to the gravesite she did it last year and I had to wonder if she would go to the house this year. Hearing moaning and groans and then earth shattering scream from her room, I run back to the room and see sky kicking and trying to hit something, as she screams “NO! ”

“Shit” going over I restrain her and force her mind to sleep again, feeling her body go like dead weight, I release her arms, as I see tears making tracks down her face, how do you help someone so broken? I

look over her body her shirt had moved up and I saw her mating tattoo, lifting the shirt a bit more I see the signs of it fading, pulling the shirt down again, wiping away the tears on her face.

It was time to push Ali more, and get her memories flowing again cause, I felt I was on a time limit and my daughter was a ticking time bomb ready to go off, and that would not be good with anyone involved and I was afraid she would try something stupid and try and end her own life, in a fight.

Here a ting, I see her phone light up, grabbing it from the bedside table I see a Txt:: Sky still not heard from you, we need to talk ?:: it was from Sydney.

Maybe it was time to pay Syd a visit see what she was doing for Sky, first I had to check on Ali, time to introduce myself again.

Ali Taylor Fallen has a vist with Charlie her little helper


Laying in bed looking at the ceiling my mind felt like it was in a prison, like there was something there I could not reach, turning my head as I look at the leather bound diary, It was good to have something of my family at my hands but it still was not like having my family in the flesh.
“Ali,you have to stop trying to protect Ramiel, he has to make his own mistakes, like you did” my moms voice was like a echo in my brain, thinking of my little brother, he was my best friend and the only person I truly felt safe to be me.
Ramiel was a quiet, observer he almost had a hero worship complex for our dad, but I think mostly it was respect for our dad. I remember when Ramiel’s wings finally came and we were all surprised that he had one white and black wing, dad and mom just were as shocked.
“Well that is different and kind of awesome, you are half angel and half fallen my son.” Dad of course had a big shit eating grin on his face, Ramiel looked pissed and mom just looked shocked.
Our family was not “normal” but there was never a lack of love, or laughs I remember that the rest may be a blur, but I was slowly getting pieces back.

Alessandra Taylor Fallen Rolling out of bed, grabbing glass of juice and opening the back door, I sat down at the little table when I see little charlie come through the fence, “Awess, whats you doing?” smiling at him “Just waking up, what you doing up so early?” as he climbs in to my lap.

“mommy is cleaning and loud, so I went in to the back to play when I heard you” he looked up at me with big beautiful brown eyes, “does your mom know you are here?” he nods, “okay well I have some more animals to help today you going to assist me again?” he nods his head.

Smiling at him “Okay little man, how about you head back home, tell your mom your helping me, while I go and get ready?” he jumps off my lap, as he turns and runs his hand on my cheek. “You sad awess?” swallowing hard, as I smile as him as I grab his hand, “no Im not buddy, just tired you go get ready and I will come and get you when I am done here okay?” he grins, as he turns and head s towards the hole in the fence.

Sitting there in the quiet of morning, I was sad felt like there was a hole in my soul and my mind that was trying to connect the two, I kept feeling movement in my mind, clicking sound but was not sure what that was but who do you ask to help with your powers? shaking my head as I stood to head back in to the house, placing my glass on the counter, as I head for the shower. I had a date with little charlie and I couldn’t let him down.

~Gabriel goes to speak to his daughter Skyler~


Gabriel Archangel- Coming around the corner, I heard the grunts, and steel hitting each other, then the deafening scream of and the thunk of something, picking up the pace when I see her, she looked as she always did, her crazy boots, sword in her hand, leaning against the wall to watch my daughter, wiping her katana bladed on the dead clothes as she places it back in its sheath.

“What are you doing here Gabe?”

I hear the fury in her voice as she turns around, she still made me think of her mother, but the light was gone from her eyes, she looked thinner, no longer the vibrant female I was use to seeing. Of course I had been keeping a close eye on my daughter but she kept blocking me out, or would know when I was near and would just walk away, this was never going to be a easy conversation but she and I had to speak, year was to long not to speak to my daughter.

Watching her closely as she starts to head towards me and right past me, enough of this shit, grabbing her arm “Skyler would you please stop, talk to me?”

Skyler Kenzi Fallen- “Skyler would you please stop, talk to me”

I heard his words, my blood ran cold he was the last person, I needed to speak to, pulling my arm from his grasp, “Do not touch me Father, don’t come near me, just leave me in peace please, when are you going to take the fucking hint?” turning my back on him as I start to walk back out of the alley.

“Sky you can’t ignore me forever, you will have to talk to me “I hear her chuckle.

“Have you figured out how to bring me family back yet? Have you finally decided to let me go and be with them?”

Watching him lower his eyes, “Thats what I thought, until you can do either of those two things Gabe then don’t bother me, please” hearing the own weakness, and tears breaking through.

Gabriel Archangel- I knew she was fighting the tears, but I had to get her to let me in again, she still blamed me for not saving her family.

“Please just hear me out, I’m worried about you? You have to start better care of yourself, you are scaring me. ”

She looks down at me but it feels like she is looking through me, shaking her head, in a whisper, “I can’t” I hear the words, when I slowly start to walk towards her, in hopes she will not run.

“You can’t what Sky?” watching as her as she puts a hand over her mouth, she looks at me with tears in her eyes.

“Sky please let me help you?” shaking her head back and forth as the tears stream down her cheeks. She was fighting to keep her emotions in check, I knew my daughter well and she had been doing it for so long now that it was like second nature. Attempting to walk closer to her when she moved so fast I didn’t see it coming when the tip was pushing in to my throat.

“You don’t know me Gabe, you can’t help me and I don’t want you help, do you hear me?”

Skyler Kenzi Fallen- Pushing the tip of the blade in harder, wanting him to hurt as much as I did, it was the memories the pain that I felt when I saw him, the memories taking over, the life I had my mate, my children, memories of my father teaching Ramiel and Alessandra how to use there powers, or him and Lass, sitting around talking about the old days, I wanted it to just stop, closing my eyes, I slowly lower my sword.

“PLEASE!” screaming at him, turning I drop my sword and start to walk away. Feeling arms wrap around me, I struggle I don’t want this, I don’t deserve this, I didn’t want to be touched, struggling against him as his hold goes tighter around my body. I hear her voice above me, “SKYLER STOP!”

“NO,LET GO OF ME NOW!” screaming at him, “I don’t want you to touch me, or hold me” hearing my voice could out in a wail of pain, letting go emotions over took me, my me legs gave out of me, “I miss them so much, why were they taken from me?” sobbing uncontrollably.

Gabriel Archangel- Feeling the fight go out of her, her body just went weak as her body shook as she sobbed, holding her tight scared she would not stop, she needed this, but it broke my heart, what I would do to take away her pain, but all I could do was hold her.

“I know you miss them, I miss them too sky they were my family too” feeling her start to struggle against me again.

“Sky, you have to stop this, you have to start living again, Lass and the kids would not want this for you” feeling her body tighten at the name of her mate.

“You don’t know anything Gabe, of what my mate would want or not want” feeling her head lean back in to my chest, taking a deep breath she was trying to get back under control. “Why can’t you just take my life Gabe, let me be at peace with my family, I have nothing left to live for, my purpose was them, they are not here anymore” her voice was weak when I heard the last of her words that broke my control she really, I could feel she meant it, she did not have the will to live anymore.

“Just let me go, Gabe” she whispered, she had request this of me before but this time it was different she really was lost, she was not sure where or how to live anymore she was just going through the motions.

“I can’t do that Sky, you are my flesh and bone, you are the one that has shown me to live, to love and to keep fighting for what we want, you have to start fighting the darkness Sky, you have to start fighting for yourself again.”

Skyler Kenzi Fallen- Hearing his words, not wanting to hear them at all thinking he wants me to fight for what, for who?

“I got them killed Gabe, me we were working on the case, a case that was brought to me, I pushed for Lass, Ramiel and Aless, to help me with It. I got my family killed, I didn’t protect them it’s all on me” shaking my head, pulling out of his arms.

“So who am I suppose to be fighting for here Gabe? You ?” moving away from my father as I wiped the tears from my face, as I grab my sword off the ground not wanting to look at my father.

Walking back over to him and placing my sword in his hands. “Do me a favour and take me to them Gabe, end it make me not have to feel anymore, not have to have daily reminders of my family, seeing someone that looks like Aless, or hearing a song somewhere and thinking how Ramiel and I use to sing at the top of our lungs, or having to see couples, smiling and thinking of Lass and I. Just make it all go away do that for me please, I beg you.” watching as he takes my sword in his hand, his eyes meet mine.

Gabriel Archangel- Holding the sword in my hand, as she just stood in front of me pleading with her eyes, she was ready to go, but I could and would not do that for her, I could not do that to my own flesh and blood. Bringing up the sword to her shoulder, watching as she closes her eyes.

” I can’t do it Sky” I watch as her eyes snap open before, step forward and lay my hand on her head and push her to mind and body to a deep sleep, pulling her in to my body, picking her up and cradling her in my arms. I knew she had not slept well since the death of her family.

Looking down at my flesh and blood, feeling the weight of her tiny body in my arms, as she became a blur as tears welled in my eyes. “I don’t know how to help you Skyler, I don’t know how to help you, but I refuse to help you that way” it came out in a whisper, looking around before, flashing out.

~ Diary left for Ali Taylor Fallen~


Coming in from the back yard, I head to the kitchen to get some lemonade, I had been busy with some wounded animals and was doing my best to sooth and help them, since the death of my dad, mom and brother Ramiel, I was having a hard time remembering what my life was like, I lost a lot of my memory but it was slowly coming back.

Most days it did not feel like any type of luck, I lost my family it was just me now what I wondered was where do you go from here? filling my glass and closing the fridge door when I see a leather bound book on the counter, with a post it note on the top. “Thought you might like to read your moms diary.” pulling the note off. Looking around wondering who left it, putting the glass down on on the counter, picking up the book, running my hand over the S&L that was intertwined on the front. I knew it was mom and dads initials and our family name, Fallen was under it.

Opening the book with a bunch of photo’s came tumbling out.

Hurrying to pick them up, I hit my head on the counter edge, but continue to grab the pictures, I decide to sit on the floor, as I put the book in my lap going through the pictures.

Thinking they looked so happy, they were happy my parents could at times being exhausting, from bits and pieces I was getting back but I do remember, they were always bickering about something stupid, or mom was after dad, about always being in the front and in deep when it came to fights, and that he was being like a irresponsible, and that he had to think of the family.

Chucking to myself dad would always just lean in kiss mom on the forehead and tell her,

“Don’t worry so much Sky, nothing will happen to me”, if I was in the room he would look at me and wink.

“Dad loved driving mom around the bend” muttering to myself.

Placing the pictures in a nice pile beside me, I opened the diary and the first page, seeing some writing
“Neela, I have been keeping diaries for you this will be number five, it is accounts of our lives together so you always had the memories, remember Neela that You and Ramiel, will always be our pride and joy, I hope you cherish these diaries. Love mom.”

Turning the pages, till I see the first entry.

” We have had a wild ride Lassiter & I, we have managed to stay home, raise Aless & Ramiel, we have gone on family trips, watched Aless basically become animal whisperer, she has been able get her animal tendencies under control, she is learned a lot, we found out she had a few more talents that we eventually had to send you to the Caldwell to learn how to use and control them, you father and I could only teach you so much but then we knew we needed help, so when you turned, eighteen we moved back to Caldwell.


Character Bio – Llachlann Meleksin

Character Bio - Llachlann Meleksin

Second in command in Fallen Sons Club, owner of a garage fell from heaven fifty years ago after walking off a job, he saw trouble real trouble and went to help and then was kicked from the heavens, it was a hard fall and harder even to adjust to the life of humans, but found his brothers and they stuck together.

They all live pretty simple lives the eight of them, have there own lives but they do work for Coco doing recon and other odd jobs, love to hang out at the club and find play mates for the evening but we never keep them around to long. He has many regrets, has made many mistakes but really when you are told you are failure as a angel you kinda don’t give a shit much longer. No cares in the world he will fight just to fight but if there is a real reason he will fight harder.

What fight will he find to be worthy of fighting for usually the good fight but he won’t gamble with his life ever. He loves females, drinking and bikes will he ever find someone worthy of him that he will want to fight for?


Character Bio – Coco Sydney Adan (Syd)

Character Bio - Coco Sydney Adan (Syd)

Coco is the owner of a very successful club, she mostly uses it for feeding grounds for herself, she has been around for years she keeps very low key life, but she has her naughty vices. She also has very good team of investigators, she use to work a lot with Lassiter and Skyler on cases. One of her crew use to work at Justice Inc. with the family.

She is Black Angel, she survives on angel and vampire blood, she has been around for more then 200 years, she stubborn, has only been in love once and swears she will never do it again. She works closely with a local biker club called Fallen Sons they are made up of Fallen angels.

She will kill on the spot if she don’t like you but if you are loyal to her she will fight to the death for you, she has a beef with the higher powers and has always had her own agenda but in the face of the crisis coming she may get her revenge for them killing the love of her life, retribution may drive here but justice is her savior.

Will she be able to bury the hatched or will she sacrifice it all for the little one that will be the light to her dark?